Virtual University

The Doctors are in: Over the past 15 years Dr. Joe Kiely and Dr. Scott Below have educated clients, investors, university students and corporations about the fundamental nature of the financial markets. The overriding theme of their "educational seminars" revolves around the risk, return and fees. Specifically, their unique seminars focus on providing investors with the "right tools" to make wise investment decisions. Unfortunately, investors "don't always know, what they don't know" - which means they have no methodology to measure risk, returns or fees.

We believe investors can make intelligent, sound investment decisions without adding any unnecessary expenses if they are given the facts and a step-by-step game plan. Our Virtual University is designed to put you in the drivers seat by offering an easy, practical, down-to-earth approach to planning your financial future from an objective point of view.

The Virtual University is currently Under Construction. We will notify our clients and friends when we are finished with our book and University curriculum.

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